Full Terms & Conditions

1. This Promotion is only open to registered customers of Bestway Wholesale, Bestway Northern Limited and Batleys Depots or Bargain Booze store owners, who are residents of Great Britain, aged 18 or over, excluding employees of the Promoter, its agents and anyone professionally associated with this Promotion.

2. Customers not wishing to participate in this promotion should notify their Depot Manager otherwise by making the qualifying purchases all Customers will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.

3. Please note that while we want to encourage you to participate and enjoy the benefits of the Promotion we believe in responsible consumption of our products. DO NOT purchase more product than you can reasonably use or display just to participate in this Promotion.

4. Purchase of a Promotional Product and a valid UK Bank Account are required.

5. Purchase Period: Purchase between 00:01 GMT on the 1st January 2021 and 23:59 GMT on the 25th March 2021 inclusive.

6. To Enter: Purchase any one case of a Promotional Product (full list in clause 8) either instore at Bestway Wholesalers or at https://www.bestwaywholesale.co.uk/ or through Bargain Booze during the Purchase Period to be automatically entered into the Prize Draw.

7. There is no limit to how many times you may enter. Each valid case purchased will equate to one entry. Max 1 x Prize per person. Retain itemised receipt for each entry. The itemised receipt must state the time and date of purchase, which must pre-date the entry date and time. Maximum 1 x Prize per person.

8. Promotional Products: The Promotion Products include the following:


WALK CHEESE&ONION 65P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 32.5G 14216 585780 5000328142173 5000328142166
WALK CRISP CHEESE&ONION 1 x 32 x 32.5G 55349 256740 N700316 5000328553405 5000328698823
WALK READY SALTED 65P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 32.5G 14208 585791 5000328142098 5000328142081
WALK CRISP READY SALTED 1 x 32 x 32.5G 55838 255053 N700314 5000328558394 5000328347790
WALK SALT&VINEGAR 65P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 32.5G 14196 585778 5000328141978 5000328141961
WALK CRISP SALT&VINEGAR 1 x 32 x 32.5G 55846 255031 N700315 5000328558479 5000328461755
WALK PRAWN C/TAIL 65P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 32.5G 14188 585801 5000328141893 5000328141886
WALK CRISP PRAWN C/TAIL 1 x 32 x 32.5G 55909 255020 N696045 5000328559001 5000328452579
WALK GRAB BAKED C&O 1 x 32 x BAG 77480 453134 N699704 5000328774817 5000328774800
QUAVERS CHEESE 59P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 20.5G 14111 585745 5000328141121 5000328141114
QUAVERS CHEESE 1 x 32 x STD 55452 254944 N696050 5000328554532 5000328583839
SQUARES SALT&VINEGAR 59P RRP PMP 1 x 32 x 27.5G 14137 585756 5000328141381 5000328141374
SQUARES SALT&VINEGAR 1 x 32 x STD 55507 254977 N696055 5000328555089 5000328475905
FRAZZLES 39P RRP PMP 1 x 30 x 34G 14259 585667 N699358 5000328142500 5000328142593
WALK CRISP R/SALTED £1 RRP PMP 1 x 15 x 65G 20569 670177 N700167 5000328205601 5000328205694
WALK CRISP CHEESE&ON £1 RRP PMP 1 x 15 x 65G 20577 670166 N700166 5000328205786 5000328205779
SENSATION THAI CHILLI £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 65G 20701 670144 N700163 5000328207025 5000328207018
DORITOS CHL HEAT £1 RRP PMP NO VAT 1 x 12 x 70G 20593 677026 N700169 5000328205946 5000328205939
DORITOS COOL £1 RRP PMP NO VAT 1 x 12 x 70G 20605 677050 N700172 5000328206066 5000328206059
DORITOS TANGY CHEESE £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 70G 20613 677015 N700171 5000328206141 5000328206134
WALKERS MAX PAPRIKA £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 70G 20037 670066 N700105 5000328200385 5000328200378
WALKERS MAX HOT CHICKEN WINGS £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 70G 20045 670077 N700106 5000328200460 5000328200453
CHEETOS TWISTED £1 1 x 12 x 65G 20727 670044 N700161 5000328207285 5000328207278
MONSTER MUNCH P/ONION £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 60G 20656 670100 N700164 5000328206578 5000328206561
QUAVERS CHEESE £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 45G 20630 670122 N700160 5000328206318 5000328206301
WOTSITS CHEESE £1 RRP PMP 1 x 12 x 50G 20648 670190 N700162 5000328206493 5000328206486
MONSTER MUNCH ROAST BEEF 60G £1 RRP PMP 20673 670111 N700165 5000328206745 5000328206738
MONSTER MUNCH FLAMIN HOT 60G £1 RRP PMP 20664 670090 N700812 5000328206653 5000328206646
SQUARES SALT & VINEGAR 60G £1 RRP PMP 20699 670155 5000328206905 5000328206998




CHEETOS TWISTED FLAMIN HOT £1 RRP PMP 55G 27184 5000328271859 5000328271842
QUAVERS CHEESE £1 RRP PMP 54G 27193 5000328271941 5000328271934
FRENCH FRIES CHEESE & ONION £1 RRP PMP 54G 27204 5000328272054 5000328272047
WOTSITS CHEESE £1 RRP PMP 60G 27213 5000328272146 5000328272139
WOTSITS FLAMIN HOT £1 RRP PMP 60G 27221 5000328272221 5000328272214
WOTSITS STEAK 48G £1 RRP PMP 27239 5000328272306 5000328272399
MONSTER MUNCH P/ONION 72G £1 RRP PMP 27247 5000328272481 5000328272474
MONSTER MUNCH ROAST BEEF 72G £1 RRP PMP 27255 5000328272566 5000328272559
MONSTER MUNCH FLAMIN HOT 72G £1 RRP PMP 27263 5000328272641 5000328272634
SQUARES SALT & VINEGAR 72G £1 RRP PMP 27272 5000328272733 5000328272726
QUAVERS SALT & VINEGAR 45G £1 RRP PMP 26258 5000328262598 5000328262581
QUAVERS PRAWN COCKTAIL 45G £1 RRP PMP 26291 5000328262925 5000328262918
WALKERS MAX ORIGINAL RECIPE CHICKEN 70G £ RRP 1PMP 26187 5000328261881 5000328261874
WALKERS MAX DC ZINGER 65G £1 RRP PMP 26223 5000328262246 5000328262239
CHEETOS FOOTBALLS 60G £1 RRP PMP 26798 5000328267982 5000328267999
SMITHS FUNYUNS 60G £1 RRP PMP 26161 5000328261614 5000328261621

9. The Prizes: There will be a total of 14 winners.

a. Tier 1 Prize: 1 winner will win 1 x £8970.55.
b. Tier 2 Prizes: 3 winners will each win 1 x £1495.09.
c. Tier 3 Prize: 10 x winners will each win 1 x case of each Promotional Product.

10. Further Prize Details and Conditions:

a. Tier 1 Prize calculation: An estimated 1 years’ worth of utility bills being electricity, water, gas and business rates based on the average UK small business with a rateable value of £10,000 or less.
b. Tier 2 Prizes calculation: An estimated 2 months’ worth of utility bills being electricity, water, gas and business rates based on the average UK small business with a rateable value of £10,000 or less.
c. Winners are responsible for providing correct bank account details and the Promoter will not be liable for any Prize payments made into the wrong bank account.
d. Cash prizes by BACS only.

11. Winner Selection: 14 winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries received during the Purchase Period. For your total confidence, the prize draw will be conducted by Promoveritas, an independent verification service, within 3 working days of the end of the Purchase Period. Maximum of one prize per person.

12. Winner Notification: Each winner will be contacted via the email address or telephone number associated with their Bestway Wholesale account within 5 working days of Winner Selection and will be required to respond to confirm eligibility and acceptance of the Prizes, within 14 days of initial contact. In the event that a winner does not respond to the initial contact within 14 days or does not wish to accept the Prize, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify that winner. If a winner is disqualified, the Promoter reserves the right to award the prize to a reserve selected in the same manner. Reserve winners may have less time to respond. For the avoidance of doubt, if a winner does not wish to accept a Prize no substitute will be offered.

13. Prize Acceptance: Winners will be notified within 28 days of acceptance of the Prize to arrange delivery/fulfilment of the Prize. In the unlikely event that a Prize doesn’t arrive within 28 days of prize acceptance, the winners will have a further 28 days to inform the Promoter by emailingbestway@promowinners.com. In the event that a winner does not inform the Promoter within this time frame, the Promoter will reserve the right to not reissue the prize or limit its value at their sole discretion. The time for delivery is not of the essence and the Promoter shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the prize.

14. Provided no objection is received, if you are a winner, your surname and county of residence will be made available by the Promoter at www.promowinners.com/BestwayWalkersUtilities 28 days after the closing date for a period of 8 weeks. You can object to your surname or county of residence being published or request for the amount of information being published to be reduced by contacting the Promoter at bestway@promowinners.com. Without prejudice, the Promoter will provide this information to the Advertising Standards Authority on reasonable request.

15. The Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for monetary value or for any other form of compensation. If for any reason any element of a Prize is not available, the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion to substitute another prize for it, of equal or greater value.

16. In the event that the Promotion is not capable of running as planned for reasons including but not limited to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, dishonesty, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process or does not comply with these Terms & Conditions and to cancel, modify or suspend the Promotion or invalidate any affected entries.

17. The Promoter will not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations or any delay in performing its obligations within these terms and conditions If an act, omission, event or circumstance occurs caused by (but not limited to) global or regional health crises, weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, terrorist activity, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, epidemic, pandemic, famine, plague or other natural calamities and acts of God or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter.

18. No responsibility can be taken for entries which are lost, delayed, corrupted, damaged, misdirected or incomplete or which cannot be delivered for any technical, delivery or other reason. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt. The Promoter does not guarantee continuous or secure access to https://www.bestwaywholesale.co.uk/.

19. The Promoter together with any associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense or damage which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this Promotion or accepting or using a Prize. except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. Nothing will exclude the Promotor’s liability for death or personal injury as a result of its negligence.

20. An entry must be made directly by the individual entering the Promotion. Bulk entries from trade, consumer groups or third parties will not be accepted. Incomplete or illegible entries and entries submitted by macros or other automated means together with entries which do not satisfy the requirements of these Terms & Conditions in full will be disqualified and will be not be counted. If it becomes apparent that an entrant is using a computer(s) to circumvent this condition by, for example, the use of ‘script’, ‘brute force’, masking their identity by manipulating IP addresses, using identities other than their own or any other automated means in order to increase that entrant’s entries into the Promotion in a way that is not consistent with the rules of the Promotion, that entrant’s entries will be disqualified and any prize awarded will be void. Entrants are not permitted to enter using anonymous email services such as, but not limited to, GuerillaMail, Dispostable or Mailinator.

21. Should an act, omission, event or circumstance occur which is beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter and which prevents the Promoter from complying with these Terms & Conditions the Promoter will not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligations.

22. The Promoter may refuse to award a Prize in the event of any entrant’s fraud, dishonesty, breach or non-entitlement under these Terms & Conditions or seek recovery of its value if the Prizes have been awarded.

23. Any and all personal data provided by you in connection with this Promotion will be used solely by the Promoter (or its appointed agents) to: (i) assist with running the Promotion; and/or (ii) conduct analytics to improve the Promoter’s promotions, products or services. The Promoter (or its appointed agents) will not contact you for reasons other than this Promotion unless you have provided your express consent. All personal data will be handled in accordance with the Promoter’s privacy policies, available at: https://pepsicoprivacypolicy.com/en?domain=walkers.co.uk

24. If any provisions of these Terms & Conditions are judged to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect or impact the continuation in full force and effect the remainder of the provisions.

25. By entering this Promotion, you will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

26. In the event of a discrepancy between these Terms & Conditions and the details in any promotional material, the details in the Terms & Conditions will prevail.

27. These Terms & Conditions are governed by English law and their interpretation and application will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Promoter: Walkers Snacks Limited, 450 South Oak Way, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6UW